Dublin House / Dominick Street


In the Spring of 2010 the design teams were approached by the competition organiser, Ali Grehan [Dublin City Architect] and asked to combine the winning schemes and prepare a refined document to promote the idea of Dublin House.

Initially envisaged to be an architectural document by and for fellow designers and planners, the direction shifted in language to become accessible to ordinary people who might become involved in a future scheme. 

Formally launched for the Pivot Dublin exhibition: ReThink + ReAct on March 2nd 2012.

View of Dominick Street facing north depicting a sectional view of Dublin House.

Many people would love to live in the city centre but can’t find homes to fit. Many people would love to design their own home on their own site. Dublin House is about an opportunity to achieve family living in the city on your own terms. This idea makes sense as it allows people to live together in a vibrant community while still providing for plenty of private open space, light and amenity.

And because it allows for building step by step it’s in keeping with the character of the city, developing Dublin in a Dublin way. 

Level 0

Level +1